Locked out?  Here’s what to do in an emergency

We know the feeling, and there’s nothing worse.  The sense of dread when you reach for your keys to open the front door and they’re not there.  Or even worse, you popping to get something from the car or put the rubbish in the bin and the door closing and locking behind you.

Being locked out of your home can send you into an instant state of panic, and stress can set in quickly.

But fear not!

As professional, expert 24-hour emergency locksmiths who work throughout the Northeast, we’re here to help you get back into your home in no time.

You can call us day or night, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

To help you further, we’ve also pulled together some of our `do’s` and `don’ts` when you find yourself locked out of your home.


Use the spare key.

Does your partner, roommate, or even your neighbour have a spare key?  Yes, not the ideal situation, inconveniencing others to let you in, but it does solve a tricky situation and stops you from feeling stranded outside.

If you rent the property, is your landlord or management company local?  Could they let you in, or would it be possible for you to pick a key up from them and return later that day?

Call an emergency locksmith.

Don’t call the first locksmith you come across; make sure to call a professional and trusted locksmith, like the team at In2Locks who carry out emergency locksmith services.

Calling a professional is the best, most convenient, and cost-effective way of getting you back into the house as quickly as possible.

Check all windows and doors to the property.

Yes, we always recommend that you close and lock all windows and doors before you leave the house; however, an open window or door in this situation could just be your saviour.

However, please be careful.  Climbing through a window can come with its own problems and might not always be the best or most practical solution.

Upgrade your locks.

If your locks are starting to feel a little worn, keys aren’t turning as well as they should, or you want to improve and increase the security of your doors and windows, upgrading your locks can be the perfect solution.

If you’re currently locked out of your home, and the key is simply turning in the lock, call a professional locksmith in Newcastle to help you not only gain access but to upgrade your locks and ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Try to pick the lock.

Conveniently having a hairpin to straighten and manipulate locking mechanisms or a credit card to wiggle around the lock is made to look easy in films, but trust us, lock picking is not easy.  You need to have the right tools suitable for the job to avoid damaging the lock further and causing more costly problems later.

At In2Locks, we use specialist equipment, techniques, and some tricks of the trade to help you gain entry without causing unnecessary damage.

Break the door or smash a window.

Kicking the door lock or breaking a window to gain entry should only be done as a last resort, if at all.  Always look for another, safer way first.  Contact an emergency locksmith in Newcastle to help you get back into your home asap.  Be patient and wait for the experts to arrive.

At the time, being locked out of your home is no laughing matter, but hopefully, you will look back and laugh…one day.  Maybe.

Whether you’ve lost your keys, or your keys are jamming slightly in the lock, the team at In2Locks can help you today.

We know emergency lock situations don’t just happen between the hours of 9 to 5; that’s why our team is available 24 hours, seven days a week, bank holidays included.

Keeping the integrity of your door intact, we have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to get you back into your home in no time.

What’s more, we’re incredibly cost-effective, especially when compared to the cost of replacing a damaged door or broken window.

Call 0191 286 2018 today.